Unique woodland birth announcement card with a bit of Aussie

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The journey of creating a unique birth announcement card.

I was pregnant with baby number 3! Exciting, but then came the fun but oh so difficult part: design the birth announcement card! Because after 2 completely different designs for our first two children, you want something unique and different for baby number 3.

On Pinterest I already had a board full of ideas that were all completely different. Mark, of course liked them all, so then I had to go and choose. So … it became a folded card, with a large photo or just a few small photos. And then the text: Bible text or poem? What made it even more difficult was that we did not know whether it would be a boy or a girl. Mark was 90% convinced that it would be a boy again, and I suspected that. So whenever we talked about it, I told my husband that he really had to get used to the boys name I liked the most :).

From ideas on Pinterest to the end result

Call it laziness or intense motherhood (read: being pregnant with two adventurous boys) … I wanted one neutral design for the card so that I could use it for a boy or girl. What you see more and more the past year are little foxes, bears, deer or woodland animals. We both really liked the idea of having a clean design, using this idea of woodland animals, but we wanted something more original. So, I chose a hedgehog, rabbit, bird and a koala (to include the baby’s Aussie roots).

After some different designs we decided on this original yet sweet Aussie Woodland birth announcement. We chose to print it on art paper so that the drawings look painted.

In the process of designing, I had drawn everything on paper with a pencil and then went over it with a fineliner. After scanning the drawings, I digitally coloured them with my Bamboo drawing tablet and adjusted them until it was perfect. The nice thing about this process is that it slowly comes to life.

geboortekaart, birth announcement card, geboortekaart, birth announcement card, geboortekaart, birth announcement card,

geboortekaart, birth announcement card, geboortekaart, birth announcement card,

We are very pleased with the result, but of course even more happy with our little and sweet Boaz!

If you are looking for a nice and unique birth announcement, or wedding card, please feel free to contact us! We’d love to work together to create a unique design for you!