Brothers and sisters on the beach, a lovely gift for parents.

It’s been a while since our last blog post. That does not mean that it has been quiet here though! It is sometimes much easier to post a few photos on Facebook than to write a useful and interesting blog. And then came the holidays and two birthdays …. Before you know it, it’s already February 2017! Two weeks ago I visited family van Genderen to see how their picture on scaffolding wood turned out. When I walked in it was hanging beautifully on the wall. Time to make a blog about the photo shoot and the end result!

Last August I met these cheerful sisters, brother and brother-in-law. Photos at the beach seemed fun, but it was not practical to get everyone all the way to the beach at the end of the afternoon. So I went looking for a beach near Oud-Alblas. I’d just like to say Google and Google Maps is just wonderful for things like this. We chose a beach in Streefkerk where was (thankfully) very quiet that day.

It often takes a little while before everyone feels comfortable during a photo shoot. But with a bunch of siblings, it wasn’t long before jokes were flying around and everyone was relaxed. (What else are siblings for, right? :))

The end result can be seen below. Instead of a framed print or a photo on canvas, they chose a photo on scaffolding wood, which now has a beautiful place in their living room. The print was given to their parents as a gift, and what a beautiful gift to give! Family photos in a home really give a feeling of love and belonging to parents and children alike.

The robust scaffolding wood has a smooth finish so that the photo can be printed sharply and enjoyed by all. We opted for a white underlay on the front of the wood to ensure the colours and skin tones looked nice on the wood.

If you love this idea, just get in touch with us! We’d love to do something like this for your family too!